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.png  Design Solutions

There are various handing systems for different industries, our experienced engineers will analyse your exact requirements (users groups, material handling, working condition, budget, etc.) and develop a solution to accommodate to your specific needs.


企业精神.png   After Sale Service

Following the manufacturing of agreed drawing, our team will liaise with you to develop an installation plan. Our professional service team is dedicated to ensure an operative crane in your work site and is always ready to provide 24/7 maintenance programs.


企业使命.png  Testing and Commissioning

Load Testing and Visual Inspection of all cranes are required by many safety regulations and national standards. They ensure that the overall structural, mechanical and electrical components of your equipment are functioning safely and properly.


企业愿景.png  Training

Being a one-stop solution provider, Dotrum provides safety training and other relevant courses to customers of all trades, in order to increase safety and productivity during their lifting operations.


企业愿景.png  Spare Parts for Multiple Crane Brands

We are your source for quality replacement parts for various brands of cranes, hoists and accessories from China.

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