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How to prevent the crane from derailing?

Update time : 2021-03-06 Publisher:Dotrum

The reasons for crane derailment

When the crane is running, if the wheels are subjected to lateral force, the two sides are not synchronized, or the elastic recoil when suddenly unloading (such as the wire rope breaks, the spreader falls off and other sudden failures), it may cause the running crane wheels The state that is out of the orbital constraint (aside from the numerical value, it is a rogue state).
The ways to prevent derailment
From the perspective of "temporary treatment", derailment caused by any reason is a process in which the wheel flange crosses the track tread. Then, given certain constraints so that the rim cannot cross the track, the problem of derailment can be solved. Generally speaking, you can consider adding a hook rail device. The hook head is at the neck of the rail but not in contact with the rail, which does not affect the normal operation. When the traveling mechanism rises and has a tendency to cross the track, it will naturally fall under the restraint of the hook rail. If a rail without a neck such as square steel is used, the hook head of the rail hook is generally set at the flange plate, which can play the same role. However, the hook rail is only suitable for non-working conditions. 
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