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wireless remote control

Update time : 2020-08-25 Publisher:Dotrum

Wireless remote control technology plays a very important role in reducing labor intensity, improving production efficiency, and improving operational safety. In terms of operating principles, wireless remote control technology is a technology for remote control and detection of controlled objects. It is an automatic control technology and is a comprehensive technology composed of information technology and computer technology. Nowadays, many industrial and civil fields are increasingly applying wireless remote control technology to improve the technical indicators of original equipment and devices, and broaden the scope of application. Such as remote-controlled robots for dangerous operations, remote-controlled industrial cranes in factories, remote-controlled construction equipment for outdoor operations, and remote-controlled garages.


Composition of wireless remote control device


The transmitting area in wireless remote sensing technology is mainly composed of encoding circuit and transmitting circuit. The shell is generally made of impact-resistant, waterproof, dust-proof, and oil-resistant plastic, and has the characteristics of small size and light weight for easy carrying.



The receiver is mainly composed of an antenna, a receiving circuit, a decoding circuit, and a safety circuit. The receiving circuit is mainly composed of a high-frequency part and a regulator. When the antenna receives a weak signal, it will be implemented in accordance with the operating instructions The transmission of circuit decoding provides effective support for the crane's work.



In the work of the actuator, the design of the scheduled work will be carried out through the analysis of the crane construction. The entire system is composed of relays and contactors. When the remote control button is pressed, the coded instructions need to be processed in the transmitter. In this way, an innovative digital coding punch is formed to ensure the timely acquisition of information and provide the correct pulse signal for the crane's actuator.

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